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A client’s needs on appeal are starkly different that those at trial.  On appeal, the trial record is closed and the law itself becomes front and center.  As a result, an appellate attorney must be able to master the record, research legal principles and trends, assemble a compelling written brief, and ultimately present a persuasive oral argument before a panel of judges.

Given these unique demands, a lawyer must be especially talented in persuasive legal writing and oral argument to substantially improve the likelihood of success at the appellate level.  A lawyer must also understand the multiple technical requirements and hurdles which govern the appellate process, all of which are critically important to effective representation in this highly particularized area of the law.

Attorney Costopoulos spent the first six years of his legal career devoted to appeals, initially as a judicial clerk with the Pennsylvania Superior Court, and then as a practicing appellate litigation attorney with a large Philadelphia law firm.  Throughout these years, Attorney Costopoulos performed extensive legal research, prepared countless briefs, and presented multiple oral arguments before the state and federal courts of appeal in Pennsylvania.

Our office handles appeals in both civil and criminal cases with the experience and commitment required for this specialized area of the law.  For more information about how our office can be of assistance, please contact us for a free consultation.